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Your lease, your terms

With The Right TRAC℠, GM Financial's open-ended lease product, you have the freedom to determine your monthly payment by setting the term and residual that works best for you and your business. You also have the ability to customize your new or used vehicle by adding the necessary upfit equipment. And with several lease-end options, The Right TRAC makes coming to the end of the term easier than ever.

Features And Benefits

  • Own vehicle at the end of the lease with flexible residuals
  • Plazos que van desde 24 a 60 meses
  • GAP coverage included
  • No mileage restrictions or excess wear-and-use issues
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  The Right TRAC℠
The Right Lease®
Eligible for Lines of Credit
Productos de post venta
Flexible Terms and/or Residuals
Eligible for Medium-Duty Trucks
Personal Guaranty Option
GAP Included
Off-Balance Sheet Financing
Predictable Mileage Included
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Limit Downside Risk
Equity Opportunity
No Wear-and-Use Limits
Higher Mileage Usage
Wide Range Upfits
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More to Help Your Business


Funciones personalizables

These innovative options are available on all of GM Financial's Commercial Vehicle Lending products, boosting your competitive advantage.

  • Personal Guaranty
  • Facturación combinada
  • Master Lease and Loan Agreement
  • Opciones de financiamiento para mejoas

Fleet Management Services

The Fleet Services program, offered by Network, makes it easy to manage all your commercial vehicles.

  • Alquiler
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Informes de administración
  • Administración de combustible
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